We are based in Donegal but have been using Zoom for years, connecting with clients from all over Ireland!

Our passion is helping small and medium sized businesses by equipping them with the tools and skills needed to make sense of their figures, in order to give them back control over their businesses and their lives!

That may sound dramatic, but we know from years of experience what keeps business owners awake at night - lack of cash, fear of not being able to pay the bills!

We are Chartered Accountants, and are regulated to do all the compliance work that you need, but we won't stop there. We will work with you to map out a strategy for your business, based not on airy fairy ideas, but rather based on cold hard facts and figures!

Check out our Instagram to get a flavour of how we have been sharing advice and helping business owners since the start of...(you know what).

We'd love to hear from you if:

  1. You're open to adopting some new technology which will automate the heck out of your accounting processes - we love(d) spreadsheets, but it's time to stop with all the unnecessary manual processes!
  2. You're open to taking our advice - built up over 24 years across working in practice and in many industries at senior levels.
  3. You're ok with your accountant having a personality & a finely-honed sarcastic sense of humour, who will tell it like it is!

If that's you get in touch via the usual channels, we'd love to hear from you!





Donegal, Ireland

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