A passion for UX (User eXperience), creating connection and empathy for business online with a different perspective is at the core of Ki Business & Tech. ('Ki' pronounced 'key' and like 'chi' is the Japanese word for energy flow / spirit.

We design for people. We design for ease of use. We create sales-driven solutions. We strive to not only create what your user wants and needs but create that feel good factor that makes business good.

Our services cover all aspects for business online from web design & development, to generating sales more effectively, to user research and design, to training and support. From our experience in both business and tech, we are proud to provide comprehensive solutions.

By looking at a business holistically, we create web solutions that incorporates everything needed to create a flow that brings it all together for the users as well as each business. We aim to bring your business to digital life, so it aligns with what you really do, creating your digital business identity. We also believe a website should be the powerhouse, doing work for your business giving you the freedom to enjoy your life.

The vision for Ki Business & Tech has been to create one place where SMEs can rely on to get all their needs for business online in way that is easy to manage to you can put your energy into growing your business.

Our business might be new, but our experience is vast in both business and web solutions.

Our free live trainings are being converted into an online course format and available soon along with a new VIP area. If you would like to find out more, just send us an email and we will let you know when they are launched.

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