deDANÚ, Ireland’s first CBD and plant-based, luxury brand

deDANÚ – Local Skincare & Wellness for Sustainability

Musings on sustainability, skincare, shopping local and Ireland’s first vertically integrated, carbon-friendly, cannabinoid focused brand, deDANÚ.

Across every industry, brands and businesses around the world are turning ‘green’. Despite the last 13 months of living through the global pandemic, the climate debate and concerns associated with global warming haven’t gone away.

Thankfully, the average consumer sees through the ‘Greenwashing’ being carried out by big brands and individuals are making informed, conscious purchasing decisions. As a result, there is a natural shift towards supporting small, local, independent brands who truly care about our planet. With the increased growth in conscious consumers, we see an increased demand for eco-friendly products.
With that said, it’s time to introduce a home-grown, carbon-friendly skincare and wellness brand who’s making the protection of our planet a priority!

deDANU: CBD Skincare & Wellness
Sustainably Made in the Heart of Ireland

deDANU is an award-winning, carbon-friendly, Irish CBD skincare and wellness brand which is taking the industry by storm. With an impressive range of media coverage, deDANÚ has already received outstanding reviews since its November launch. The founder, Leah Fletcher from Athlone is clearly determined to shake up the skincare industry and place the planet at the forefront of everything deDANÚ does. Leah’s experience from working in the regulated medical cannabis industry in Ireland spurred her to establish a business at home in Ireland. Her focus was always effective, plant-based products that are kind to the environment.

Leah Fletcher, Founder deDANÚ

Leah and her team established systems for supply-chain and manufacturing that combine circular biotechnology practices, clinical research and local agricultural resources to create a collection of products that are innovative, effective and multi-functional. Each individual product in deDANÚ’s range is clinically proven and exquisitely luxurious.

With a range of all natural, hand-crafted salves, creams and oils as well as diffusers, essential oils, and wellness rollers, deDANU is proof that you can enjoy luxury skincare and wellness products without harming the planet in the process.

Dedicating two years to establish operations, Leah spent the extra time and resources to set up
pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facilities and processes for deDANÚ’s products so that
every batch is produced to the highest standards possible, something not normally established
for ‘natural’ brands. The manufacturing facility follows strict quality control and safety measures
while ensuring minimal environmental impact through circular practices and waste-free
Operations. deDANÚ wants customers to be able to access to luxurious, effective skincare and wellness products while resting assured that those products are not harming the environment. .

Sustainable Agriculture: A New Way of Farming in Ireland

As part of deDANÚ’s circular economy focus, the company encourages farmers to turn toward hemp for marginal land use and educates policy makers on hemp cultivation as an alternative to dairy and beef farming through conference presentations, Industry Committee Presentations and private consultations.

Join the Sustainable Clean Skincare Revolution

If you are ready to switch to skincare and wellness products that are respectful to our planet, then deDANU are your go-to. Not only is their collection kinder to the planet, but it’s also kinder to your skin.

The whole deDANU collection is free from toxins, synthetic fillers, carcinogens, artificial colours, parabens, and all the other nasties that can lurk in other skincare products.

deDANU is striving to contribute to a cleaner, healthier world filled with people who have cleaner, happier skin!

Are you ready to join the sustainable, clean skincare and wellness revolution? Read our top tips below:

Lovegreen’s Top Picks:

Problem Skin
We recommend checking out deDANÚ’s CBD Skin Salve for tackling discomfort from psoriasis, dermatitis and other uncomfortable skin conditions.

deDANÚ Essential Oils and diffusers will create balance and a super relaxing atmosphere in your work or home environment. We love the deDANÚ ‘Breathe’ blend for clearing the air and creating an uplifting environment.

A Little Luxury
You can’t go wrong with deDANÚ Goddess CBD Elixir, a deeply hydrating elixir, designed to nourish skin cells with potent plant extracts high in vitamin C + antioxidants.

Learn more about deDANÚ online at or on instagram @dedanuIreland


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